Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Links for digital movies

As some people showed some interest in the website for the digital movie online, here goes the link to the website:

http://www.dfilm.com/live/moviemaker.html ( it can be sent my email)

Also, there is another one you can try:


About the minisaga, it's a short text with 50 words only that has introduction, body and conclusion. I usually ask my students to think about their lives and choose one object that they can compare their life to. After the writing process, they have to get their text in the shape of the object they wrote about( concrete poetry).

I hope it helped.


Our last day

Today was our last day! Our special thanks to Anna and Ryan that provided us with delicious waffles! We are going to miss the interesting classes and friendly environment.
Thanks to the amazing work of Chris, Ryan and Anna.