Sunday, April 3, 2011

interactive science/ math tutorials and classroom tools for other subject areas
I share this educational website to science and math teachers because I find the contents/activities very interesting and interactive for the students. This is sponsored by Intel Education and available in virtually more countries such as those in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Middle East and South America. And what's cool is that this site is free. Check it out now and embrace the new concept in education, especially on the teaching-learning processes.
These free on-line teaching resources provide classroom tools such as Chapter Test, Quizzes, Standardized Test Practice, Internet Laboratory Experiments, and Web Quests, to mention a few. Produced by McGrawHill-Education, it caters to a wide arena of disciplines such as Science, Mathematics, World Language, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading, Technology Education, music and even Accounting. Please check it out now.

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