Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My partner teacher Mr Darrell Jernigan welcomed me for the first time to his anatomy class and from that time onwards that class became my favourite class in the school. The wonderful interaction of the students and the innovations the teacher used in the teaching learning process and assessment, made the class a cut above the rest. My first on hand teaching experience in the American School system was with this class and I found my students interacting with me in an excellent manner and responding positively to my methods of teaching which were really new to them. At the end of the day it was a highly satisfying and rewarding experience. The real life experience of a python feeding on rat in the animal cage in the class in front of the students and the teacher using the same for explaining anatomical features of snakes, the proceess of swallowing and digestion and about the habits and habitats of python was wonderful. My dissection class with anatomy students demonstrating the digestive system of cat was a great experience. The curiosity and interest of students and the disciplined way of doing the lab was highly commendable. The rapport the students had with me and their respect and dedication towards me was a really valuable experience. These are only a few glimpses of my internship experience at the Seneca High school.

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