Monday, April 4, 2011

My Unforgetable Day At Edwards Middle School

One of my most interesting moments within our period of internship was a day that I spent at Edwards Middle School with colleague fellows from Seneca High School. What took me away from Seneca High School to Edwards Middle School was a program organised at Edwards to assist a colleague give a presentation to the students about my wonderful country Ghana. There was however, an additional arrangement to observe some middle school lessons and this is where I met someone that I consider as simply wonderful and a blessing to the noble profession of teaching.

This teacher is one of the best examples of an excellent modern professional. Her skill in use of technology for the lesson was exemplary. She exhibited excellent creativity by incorporating games in her lesson for the day which the students just loved .She also used realia, the web, interactive teaching methods and was gifted in the way she involved all her students in the lesson. Simply put, there was a hundred percent student involvement in the lesson.

For someone who all of a sudden gets five strangers in her class to observe her teaching, she was very confident. She exhibited no signs of nervousness or shyness during her teaching. She was very patient and passionate about what she was teaching. There were indicators that she simply loved her teaching and she was good at it too. Her enthusiasm actually rubbed off on her students as they really enjoyed her lesson.

From this excellent professional, I have been exposed to the use of technology while not losing track of traditional methods of teaching to lessons effective. To ensure that all my students reach their maximum potential, I am willing to “steal” from this wonderful professional in Edwards Middle School.

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  1. It's nice to see that you enjoyed your day at Edwards Middle School,Ebo.