Sunday, April 3, 2011

Valuable lesson from the Internship Experience

Co-teaching at Edwards Middle School has been an interesting experience. It´s been more than delivering content, it's been about learning about people.
One special moment about internship was when I had the chance to have students reading about three different Brazilian wild animals and comparing with an American wild animal. Thus, we have the following steps:
-Watching short videos about Brazilian wild animals
- Reading and researching about the animals
-Filling out a KWL chart about the reading
- Filling out a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting one Brazilian and one American animal( in pairs or in groups)
-Creating lyrics to a well known melody about the animals( in groups)

Throughout the activity, I could see a change in students' behaviour when their become more comfortable in working in groups, their interest and the lovely presentations in which they sang their songs.
It was,indeed, a great moment because I was finally teaching, and facing the challenge to work with a subject I do not master that well: Non-Fictional Reading Strategies.
Even being worried about how it would work,I'm glad I decided to go on because every smile, every question, the vision of students' engagement and joy are priceless. Those moments will be forever in my heart as they reassure me what really matters in teaching: the joy and fulfillment of creating knowledge.

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